If you have been in the Plastics Industry for 25 years or more, your experience is invaluable and should be shared. It has both professional and personal implications. The Western Plastics Pioneers could be that vehicle for accomplishing the sharing process.

Mature industries have changed so drastically in a generation that virtually anyone with the required 25 years of experience has made a significant contribution. The social implication of Pioneer membership involves your renewing relationships with people who were your “fellow” employees at companies who have storied pasts. Our Western Plastics Pioneers can make that happen.

To become part of the Western Plastics Pioneers contact the Membership Chair
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As a way to stay in touch we periodically mail and email a newsletter to keep members informed of upcoming events.

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The Western Plastics Pioneers has established a scholarship program to provide awards of $1,000.00 each to undergraduate students enrolled in associate degree or technical degree programs.  To qualify, the applicant must be attending schools in Arizona California, Oregon or Washington.

The scholarship program will be managed by the SPE Foundation with offices in Newton, Connecticut.  The Foundation will include information on their website and  prepare literature to be sent to various schools and publications. Students who have demonstrated or expressed an interest in the plastics industry and are taking courses that will be beneficial to their career in the plastics industry will be considered for the scholarship.  The Western Plastics Pioneers scholarship program was established to further the education of plastics and technology by students in these fields.

WPP Leadership
Roger France

1st Vice President
Dolores "Dee" Ketner

2nd Vice President
Greg Leighton


Rosetta “Rusty” Miller

Board Members
Immediate Past President
Richard Luciano

Membership Chair
Richard Luciano

Newsletter Chair
Rick Roelen

Scholarship Chair
Roger France
John Hoven

Recycling Trailer Liaison
Chris Mitchell

Education Advisor
Terry Price
Cerritos College
562-860-2451 x 2927

Member Emeritus
Joe LaFountain
Robert Halliday
Spencer Knapp
Richard Luciano

Western Plastics Pioneers
   The objectives of the Plastics Pioneers Association shall be to recognize achievement
   in the field of plastics/polymer science, engineering, technology and management;
   to support industry-wide educational programs; and to promote the study and
   improvement of plastics, science engineering and technology.